About Us

Welcome to All American Seasonings; a family owned organization that has succeeded into its third generation and continues to thrive into the future.

Incorporated in Havana Cuba in 1952 under a different name, our company was the island’s only manufacturer of seasonings and food ingredients. Prior to Castro’s communist takeover of Cuba in 1959, our successful business was auspiciously serving the entire Caribbean and most of Central America, effectively competing against European and North American manufacturers.

Forced to abandon the business and everything of value behind, my family escaped to America in 1961, and incorporated in Denver, Colorado in 1968. My Father was so proud to be in America that he became a US Citizen and named the company All American Seasonings.

The company became as much about the importance of family and values as it was about achieving the American Dream. The company’s primary focus in the early beginnings, was serving the meat and Pork Sausage industry throughout the United States. As the company’s growth continued, it began diversifying into every facet of the food industry. WE SAID NO TO NO ONE; not to ourselves nor to our customers. Our challenge as entrepreneurs was to exceed expectations of what a custom blending facility could achieve, and this philosophy is what built All American Seasonings, and remains our guiding principle today.

As a manufacturer of customized food ingredient systems, our company works as a team along with food companies throughout Canada, Central America, and the United States. Forthrightly, our aim is to provide wholesome products, accurate blends, and offer the best customer service in the food ingredient blending business. Our company is fully committed to quality, excellence, delivering superior service through a progressive approach to people, technology and processes.

I thank you for visiting our All American Seasonings website, and as you peruse our site you will see our 70,000 square foot facility, witness the state of the art blending, filling and packaging equipments, the meticulous standards of sanitation, positive working conditions, and you’ll discover why excellence came to be synonymous with All American Seasonings.

Andy Rodriguez
Andy Rodriguez
Chairman of the Board/Founder