There’s a chef in your Kitchen

Ahhh, This is our Sweet Spot, Our Cup of Tea, Our Bread & Butter!! For over 45 years All American Seasonings has been partnering with restaurant chains to provide ideation and R&D assistance in the kitchen and custom blending proprietary formulas for national distribution. If you are looking for uniformity, confidentiality, quality control, versatile capabilities with the white glove touch, “Let us do you a Flavor”.

What our customers say…

At Taco John’s Seasonings, we value integrity, reliability, and dedication to quality above all else. All American Seasonings has been Taco John’s only supplier of seasonings and ingredients since 1974, and our enduring and unique business relationship is based upon these values.

Their commitment to deliver consistently high-quality products and impeccable service has been the foundation of the exceptional relationship we’ve shared with All American Seasonings throughout the years.

Janet Taylor
General Partner
Taco John’s Seasonings

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When Modern Table set out to create our line of healthy meals, we placed the task of creating the most flavorful and easy to make sauces with AAS and they quickly met the challenge.

We were most impressed by AAS’s ability to take our conceptual thoughts for the original sauce profiles and turn them into finished products that we could approve with a minimum of revisions. And, when the time came to put the finishing touches on the iterations we selected, All American simplified this process by allowing Modern Table full access to their R&D resources.

Once product development was completed, AAS opened up the production side of their operations to Modern Table and set up small scale pilot productions for each of our sauce mixes. This step enabled us to see firsthand how our products would be produced and provided us with enough finished product to support our test marketing efforts and small scale rollouts.

Modern table knows that creating delicious and natural food that is free of glutens and genetically modified ingredients is an ambitious endeavor but having AAS’s assistance in this endeavor is a clear advantage for our company.

Jamie Thomas
Deliciousness Director/R&D
Modern Table

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