Quality Assurance

To guarantee that your products are manufactured in the cleanest and safest environment, All American Seasonings QA department combines years of food safety experience with the most technologically advanced manufacturing practices.

We don’t take the responsibility of being your Seasoning manufacture lightly and with the heightened demand for increased food safety, it’s our responsibility to reassure our customers they are working with an organization that produces, prepares, and handles food ingredients according to the highest possible standards. We recognize the importance maintaining SQF level 2 status is for our customers, and we make it a primary focus in each department throughout the organization.

Our QA professionals are focused on a continuous improvement approach in all of our processes. Beginning with a comprehensive HACCP plan, All American Seasonings takes into account every aspect of producing a blended food product from start to finish. This task actually starts outside of our facility by performing quality audits of our upstream ingredient suppliers, and then inspecting their materials upon arrival to ensure compliance with our demands and specifications. QA personnel then monitors all steps in the blending and packaging process, performing a variety of internal audits at every step including’ in house testing of every blend for Salmonella and E. coli, and final sensory tasting before the shipment is released.

The industry’s most up to date Allergen programs, Sanitation practices, Traceability procedures, Product recall programs, and Kosher certifications are all under the strict supervision of All American Seasonings’ Quality Assurance Department.