Research & Development

Staffed with a group of highly qualified food scientists, the All American Seasonings’ R&D team holds a strong background in culinary innovation and regulatory compliance. Their unique concept of merging creativity with technical knowledge, allows us to offer our clients a cutting-edge approach to new product development and the necessary support associated with writing ingredient statements, compiling allergen and Nutritional information, gluten and non-GMO compliance, and understanding industry regulations.

Our Company allows its clients full access to our R&D staff so that by mutual collaboration, their product development needs are met in an efficient and timely manner. Our rapid turnaround on sample requests is primarily achieved by our staffs’ awareness of flavor technology trends, their quick accessibility to thousands of ingredients, and their knowledge on how to use certain flavor components in a most suitable fashion–An approach that enables our Company to meet the demands of a constantly evolving and fast-paced food industry nationwide.

In the event a current flavor profile or custom blended product is underperforming in any way or form please allow our R&D team review and submit solutions to the problem, while perhaps detecting unforeseen inefficiencies.

Let us amaze you with a perfect match to an existing flavor. Allow us to demonstrate our uncanny ability to reverse-engineer the most complex flavor compositions, and provide you with a duplicate to meet or exceed your expectations from a cost and performance standpoint.

The greatest asset offered by the All American Seasonings product development team, is their willingness to accept challenges most competitors reject. We can take your vague and “broad brush” idea of a flavor and turn it into something of a masterpiece. We can make the impossible…possible, and the ordinary…extraordinary.