Custom Blended Chocolate Bombs, The Perfect Winter Beverage

Hot chocolate bombs (also known as hot cocoa bombs) are a new popular drink phenomenon offered at restaurants and coffee shops.  Kids, teens and adults alike are thrilled when hot milk is poured over a beautiful and festive chocolate ball sitting in a lovely large coffee cup and the chocolate ball slowly melts into a fantastic mini explosion of cocoa powder, marshmallows and other wonderful ingredients! Who wouldn’t love to experience this delicious blast in a glass on a cold winter day?

Offering hot chocolate bombs as an exciting seasonal drink to your menu is sure to put smiles on many faces. Your custom blended chocolate bomb can be poured at the table or be individually packaged and sent with simple instructions along with to-go orders!  “Just add warm milk” the small package would say.

What Are Hot Chocolate Bombs Exactly?

Hot chocolate bombs are hollow balls of chocolate, most commonly filled with hot cocoa powder, marshmallows and other spices or powders such as cinnamon, etc. When ready to drink, the ball is placed into a coffee mug and hot milk is poured over it. The chocolate then melts, releasing the ingredients inside.  When stirred, a hot chocolate blend is ready to drink.

How Are They Made?

Step 1: Using a half-circle mold, melt the chocolate of your choice and place into the mold forming a half circle (half of the hollow ball or shell).

Step 2:  Once chocolate has cooled and hardened, carefully remove from the mold

Step 3: Add desired ingredients.

Step 4: Once ingredients are in-place, take another half-circle and gently heat the edge. Carefully, melt the two ends of the molds to make a closed “ball”.

Step 5: Add frosting, caramel or any other drizzle or sprinkles to add style to your hot chocolate bomb

Step 6: Store in a cool, dry place, preferably wrapped or covered.

Customizable Signature Drink Ideas

As a restaurant business owner or manager, you are constantly thinking of new ways to add fun and excitement to your menu.  Providing an interesting and memorable experience for your guests is crucial to having people visit your establishment. Wouldn’t it be great to offer a beautiful and sensational winter signature drink? Create your own flavors by adding various types of chocolate, crushed candies, sweet custom spice blends, marshmallows and any other ingredient combination that will melt into this amazing drink!


Contact us with your flavor ideas today. Let’s blend something delicious for your menu!