Bakery Mixes

From the great smell of fresh bread or pancakes to the sweet taste of chocolate cake and cookies. We provide a convenient way to make baked goods with quality ingredients and consistent blends. Reach out to our professional experts if you have something specific in mind or would like our team to put together some concepts for you to try. Our bakery blending division and ingredients are completely isolated from our seasoning manufacturing to prevent any cross contamination or migration of taste and smell.

What our customers say…

Our partnership began as a result of two companies with two separate objectives coming together for their common good. All American Seasonings approached Vollmer’s Bakery with an interest in diversifying their capabilities by blending for the commercial baking industry. At the same time, I was keenly interested in having a local supplier for our chocolate and vanilla cake mixes. I had encountered several supply shortages and wanted to partner with a local company that would stock our products, and simplify supply availability.

Partnering together in all facets of product development, we opened our doors and allowed All American Seasonings full access to our equipment to conduct pilot tests. From our end, Vollmer’s was looking for an identical match to our cake mixes. There could be no sacrifice for quality or performance.

After a multitude of recipe revisions and cooking cakes, our mutual determination and commitment prevailed, and we achieved the end results both companies were hoping for.

Joseph Sekrieh
Vollmer’s Bakery

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