Hot or Cold, On the Rocks, or in the Gym, All American Seasonings has the science and creative minds to tantalize your drink mix taste buds. We work with the latest in all natural fruit flavors, sweeteners, artificial flavors and nutritional ingredients. From Sports Performance drinks, Nutritional Shakes, Hot Cocoa, to a great tasting Bloody Mary mixer, we can add the flair and magic you are looking for.

What our customers say…

Skratch Labs initially approached All American Seasonings looking to increase production volume, and improve the retail packaging of our hydration mixes.

After our initial meeting, Dr. Allen Lim (founder of Skratch Labs) and Liz Kraterfield (All American Seasonings R&D Director) began the process of ‘scaling-up’ the recipe for mass production. Our challenge to All American Seasonings was to research and locate vendors of “All Natural”, “Made from Scratch” ingredients, including fruit powders that would not compromise the taste or performance of the drink mix. After several revisions, and receiving the thumbs up from our test athletes, Allen’s precisely balanced recipe was ready for the mass market.

As our company continues to expand, we’ve called on the assistance of All American Seasonings’ R&D lab to help us add additional flavors to our product line including a custom Matcha Green Tea Exercise flavor, post-exercise drink mixes, and several delicious daily electrolyte replacement options.

Our partnership with All American Seasonings has proven to be a great ally for our company.

Ian MacGregor

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