Saucy Flavored Sauces

Sauces go a long way to enhancing an eating experience. Whether Hot, Spicy, Asian, Creamy, Pizza, or Dipping sauce, if you want cravability in your sauce, All American Seasonings can pour it on. We can take an existing liquid recipe and develop a dry mix that can save you time and money in preparation. Or let us reverse engineer your favorite sauce. The only limit is your imagination. Let our R&D Team put a little Sass in your Sauce!

What our customers say…

Highly recommended by one of our franchisees, HuHot has been doing business with AAS since 2005. At the time, and growing at a very fast clip, HuHot needed to streamline its food processing techniques. We needed to eliminate extensive kitchen inventories, achieve 100% uniformity in finished sauces, and as the number of employees increased, prevent unnecessary waste by eliminating human error in the sauce cooking process. With these objectives in mind, we visited AAS’s high-tech facility to meet with its President, the Executive Culinary Chef, and its Research, Development, and food science team. Eager to accept our challenge, the AAS group worked to re-engineer all sauce ingredients into a concentrated form without sacrificing product quality and grill performance. Today, instead of using 35 different raw materials to make our signature sauces, our restaurants use individual pre-measured packets, guaranteeing a consistent, high-quality product for our guests nationwide. Since then, our products can be easily prepared by every HuHot team member and our proprietary recipes are protected. The AAS staff is always available for consultation and new product innovation. We’re excited to continue our partnership with AAS in the future. Andy Vap CEO Hu Hot Please visit Hu Hot for more information.
Farmhouse Foods first started working with All American Seasonings in 1998. We were immediately impressed at how adept All American Seasonings was at managing the custom blending requirements of the Farmhouse product line. Our sauce recipes involve a vast array of ingredients and AAS proved more than capable of handling the complexities of tracking inventories and keeping adequate stock of all raw materials to consistently meet all of our production deadlines. All American Seasonings’ role with Farmhouse has expanded beyond that of custom blender. We now rely on them to assist us with our product development needs. They continue to work with us in a true partnership, identifying ways to improve our formulas to keep us competitive, and increase the quality of our products. Lisa Nobel President Farmhouse Foods Please visit Farmhouse Foods for more information.